Anil Patel’s passion for Life Insurance began in 1979 with the Independent Life & Accident Insurance Company in Jackson, Mississippi. Anil was doing his bachelor studies in management from Jackson State University where he graduated in 1981 and after finishing he moved to Long Beach, California to expand his career with New York Life.

He has continued his insurance business for the last 39 years and has been awarded with prestigious credentials and laurels from companies and customers for his exceptional personalized services and for the quality of this relationships. Anil Patel has been a life and qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) since 1981 and was the President of the Long Beach Life Underwriting Association in 1989. Anil was given the Club 21 award, one of the highest awards in New York Life for 18 years. During his time at New York Life, Mr. Anil Patel was also awarded the National Quality Award, the National Sales Achievement Award and was also among the Top Agents ranking in at 75th over 7000 agents nationwide.

After leaving New York Life in 2003 he joined Jefferson Pilot Insurance Company which later become Lincoln Financial Group. Anil’s philosophy is simple. Offer the highest value products and services while maintaining them passionately for the full satisfaction of his clients. For the past 39 years Anil has been assisting his clients and servicing them to have an impenetrable financial future for their families. He builds loyalty based on serving his clients and nurturing a relationship over a long period of time. Anil is more than dedicated to servicing and integrating transparency in all of his conversations, it is at the core of his principles and it is the foundation for his recipe for success.

Being very active in serving the community is Anil’s drive and he has taken leadership positions in various social services throughout the world. He has created school charity projects which help students get access to new technology and he has set up many educational scholarships to encourage children to follow their dreams despite their poor finances. His goal is to uplift the youth in the villages in India that have nothing. Anil gives his hand closely to the senior community by setting up events, and leading conversations around traditional forms of generational knowledge. He is also a great supporter and sponsor of the Christian Youth Athletic Association, Doty Middle School in Downey CA., the Daang school district in Gujarat India, Shree Ram Kabir Bhakta Samaj, Bhakta Cultural Center, Surati Leva Patidar Samaj and the Matiya Patidar Samaj.

Anil Patel’s adventurous philosophy takes him to various arduous mountaineering trips like Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro, Yosemite Half Dome, and Pikes Peak. He has completed running half marathons when he isn’t play golf and can always be found singing devotional songs and old Bollywood classics. His wife and business partner Bharti has been with him his whole career and is another main reason for his business. His family values close at home is what he projects for his clients, creating a life free from financial burden.

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